The dried fruits
Organic walnuts from Carpatian mountains in Transilvania

The quality of our dried fruit is guaranteed by the Organic Certification issued by the italian corporation "Suolo e Salute". After the crop the dried fruit is taken to our warehouse, where it is put through the long and finicky work of cleaning and selection.


Quality Assurance:


Continuous control process: all the production stages are checked through inspection visits and controls, all the batches are identified and analysed in accordance with the HACCP control system.

Organic Certification: the dried fruit is certificated for the organic in agreement with the USDA National Organic Program by "Suolo e Salute" certificated from the Sincert UNI CEI EN 45011.

The dried fruits
Noci sgusciate Mezze kg 5 Noci sgusciate Mezze kg 5
Noci spontanee - non di coltivazione
confezione sottovuoto
Walnuts Walnuts
Noci spontanee - non di coltivazione in confezione sottovuoto
BIO Walnuts BIO Walnuts
Walnuts from Carpatian Mountains of Transilvania with Organic Certification
Organic Walnuts (quarter) kg 1 Organic Walnuts (quarter) kg 1
Organic walnuts type B (quarter) gathered in Transilvania - Romania